Abacus Audit And Consulting Limited Liability Company is one of the leading companies in Azerbaijan providing services in the field of audit, accounting and tax accounting, financial, legal and management consulting.

Abacus Audit And Consulting Limited Liability Company was founded in February 2017.

Abacus Audit And Consulting Limited Liability Company has been a member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2017 (license No. AT / 135 dated July 21, 2017).

Abacus Audit And Consulting Limited Liability Company has personnel, technology and experience that are unique to the national market. These features have allowed Abacus Audit And Consulting to be included in the list of leaders in the field of audit and consulting in Azerbaijan.

It is an indisputable fact that the main way to achieve high results in the field of audit, tax accounting and taxation, consulting services is through the work of a team of highly qualified professionals who are able to solve the most difficult problems.

We are always looking for the most experienced specialists in the field of accounting and vegetarian accounting, law and management, we invite them to work in our company, we constantly train our employees, encourage them to specialize and get new areas. High professionalism, great practical experience and excellent methods of work of our employees significantly increase the efficiency of work and reduce the cost to the working force. All this guarantees high quality service at reasonable prices.

We can say with confidence that Abacus Audit And Consulting Limited Liability Company has all the features for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation and has the following advantages and strengths:

  • Highly qualified and competent staff with long experience in auditing and consulting;

  • A comprehensive approach to customer service, or more precisely, the joint work of auditors, financial analysts, business consultants, lawyers with expertise in both taxation and other areas;

  • High competitiveness resulting from a detailed study of the customer's needs, determining the amount of service required by the customer and setting an appropriate price;

  • Impartial trust and reputation determined by ratings;

Read about us, learn more about our services. Call, write, visit. We are always ready to work with old friends and will be pleased to meet new ones.