The high professionalism of our employees, extensive field experience and the use of excellent methods significantly contribute to the efficiency of the work and the reduction of labor consumption. All this ensures that services are provided with high quality and reasonable price. We can confidently say that "Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company has all the features for effective and mutually beneficial cooperation and has the following advantages and strengths:
- Highly qualified and competent staff with long-term experience in auditing and consulting;
- A complex approach to customer service, more precisely, the joint work of auditors, financial analysts, business consultants, lawyers with competence in both taxation and other fields;
- High competitive ability resulting from a detailed study of the customer's needs, determination of the amount of service needed by the customer and setting an appropriate price accordingly;
- Unbiased trust and reputation determined by ratings.

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"Abacus Audit And Consulting"

"Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company is one of the leading companies in Azerbaijan providing services in the field of audit, accounting and tax accounting, finance, legal and management consulting. "Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company was founded in February 2017. "Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company has been a member of the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2017 (license No. AT/135 dated July 21, 2017). "Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company has personnel, technology and experience that are rare for the national market. It is these characteristics that have created the opportunity for "Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company to enter the list of leaders in the field of auditing and consulting in Azerbaijan. It is an undeniable fact that the main way to achieve high results in the field of auditing, tax accounting and taxation, consulting services is primarily due to the teamwork of highly professional specialists who are able to solve the most difficult issues.

Our team

Rufat Zeynalov

Managing partner of Abacus Audit and Consulting LLC, Auditor

Asif Aliyev

Tax and accounting partner

Asif Zeynalov

Audit and International Accountability Manager

Zemfira Zeynalova

Manager of personnel accounting and migration services

Sima Yagubova

Legal service manager
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Our customers

Why Us

We are always looking for the most experienced specialists in the fields of accounting and accounting, law and management, and invite them to work in our company, we constantly train our employees, encourage them to specialize and acquire new knowledge in related fields.

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