Audit Service

The accurate and honest conduct of accounting in entities engaged in the production and sale of goods, provision of services, and execution of work is the independent examination of accounting and financial statements.

The purpose of the independent examination of annual financial statements prepared by economic entities in compliance with applicable legislation is to determine the proper, complete, and accurate reflection of liabilities, audit assets, special funds, and financial results.

The basis of auditing constitutes the mutual interest of the state, the management of the enterprise, and its owners (trustees, shareholders). As “Abacus Audit And Consulting” Limited Liability Company, we assist companies with high international objectives in their business development.

We support them in addressing certain risks and conduct daily internal audit inspections within the company. Alongside verifying the financial statements of the audited company, we review the financial position of the company, its financial results, and monetary assets in all significant aspects, ensuring the completeness and accuracy of the statements.

As “Abacus Audit And Consulting” Limited Liability Company, we offer the following audit services:

  1. Audit of annual financial (accounting) statements:

    • Audit of financial (accounting) statements in accordance with Azerbaijan’s national accounting standards;
    • Audit of financial statements in accordance with international financial reporting standards;
    • Preparation and review of financial statements;
    • Examination of the compliance of financial operations with tax legislation.
  2. Expert opinions on special-purpose reports and assignments:

    • Approval of the charter capital formation;
    • Opinion on the issuance package;
    • Opinion on tax returns;
    • Opinion on contracts concluded with entities participating in state procurement;
    • Opinion on contracts with related parties;
    • Evaluation of internal control systems;
    • Inspection of information systems and control systems;
    • Expert opinions on special-purpose reports and assignments.
  3. Confirmation of the accuracy of the valuation of real estate and other property objects:

    • Valuation of tangible assets;
    • Valuation of intellectual property objects and know-how.