Legal Services

Tural Hüseynov

Because experts with legal knowledge work at “Abacus Audit And Consulting” Limited Liability Company, no question remains unanswered for us (defense of the company in court, conclusion of contracts, establishment or liquidation of the company, labor and property-legal relations, etc.).

The legal services offered by “Abacus Audit And Consulting” Limited Liability Company include:

  • Consultation on questions related to tax, labor, currency, customs, administrative, and criminal (related to economic activities) legislation;
  • Assistance in conducting court proceedings on civil, tax, and administrative matters;
  • Regulation of disputes before the court;
  • Preparation of applications, complaints, requests, and other procedural documents;
  • Defense of client’s interests in arbitration and general courts;
  • Assistance to individuals in criminal cases related to economic matters;
  • Registration, reorganization, and liquidation of legal entities and structural units of enterprises;
  • Preparation of regulatory documents, internal documents regulating the activities of the company (orders, statutes, instructions);
  • Legal supervision of projects.

Tax Law Services

Providing legal advice to taxpayers, representing clients in tax authorities and courts, preparing tax reports or declarations, and other legal services related to taxation are combined under tax law services. The demand for professional legal services in the field of tax law is among the leading requirements.

The Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Tax Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan is a codified law that encompasses matters related to taxation and tax administration. The Tax Code takes precedence over other legislative acts concerning tax matters as stipulated in tax legislation.

According to the Tax Code, the following state taxes are determined:

1- Profit tax: Generally set at 20%, but for micro-businesses, a reduced rate of 5% applies due to certain exemptions. Non-residents are subject to a tax rate of 10% on payments made.

2- Income tax: 14%-25%

3- Value Added Tax (VAT): 18%, with certain goods and services subject to a 0% rate;

4- Excise tax is applied to certain goods produced or imported into Azerbaijan. The rate of this tax varies; for example, alcoholic beverages are subject to an excise tax of 2 manats per liter, and 20 manats for every 1000 cigarettes.

5- Property tax for legal entities: Applied at an annual rate of 1% of the property value;

6- Land tax: Various tax rates are applied depending on the location and purpose of the land. For example, industrial lands in Baku city are subject to a rate of 10 manats per square meter for areas up to 10,000 square meters, and 20 manats per square meter for areas exceeding this limit. Land tax is paid annually.

7- Road tax: This tax applies to vehicles entering or leaving Azerbaijan, as well as to manufactured gasoline, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas.

8- Mining tax: Applied at various rates depending on mining activities; for example, oil is taxed at 26%, while gas is taxed at 20%.

9- Simplified tax: This tax is applied at a rate of 2% annually to small businesses with an annual turnover of less than 200,000 manats that are not registered for VAT. Companies engaged in public catering with an annual turnover exceeding 200,000 manats, as well as companies operating in the construction and transportation sectors, are subject to a rate of 8%.