Human Resources

Calculation of Salaries

How is Salary Calculated?

Calculation of Salaries training is a short-term program designed to enhance the existing knowledge and skills of professionals working in the human resources and accounting fields regarding the calculation of salaries.

Labor legislation

Labor Law Training and Course

In the rapidly developing economic conditions, the turnover volumes of companies increase accordingly, leading to an increase in the number of companies or institutions that are VAT payers. Considering that VAT taxation is an important and at the same time complex division of tax accounting, there is an increased demand for professional specialists in this field within companies, institutions, or organizations.

Management of Human Resources

Human Resources Management Training and Course

If you have recently been appointed as a Human Resources (HR) manager or have just started working in the field of human resources, or if you do not work in this field in general, but have certain responsibilities related to this area, then this training can provide you with the necessary basic skills. Through the training, you will be able to understand essential HR functions and prepare a plan to implement them in your organization.