Accounting and Accountancy Services: Essential Financial Assurance

The future of a business sometimes depends on the proper and effective establishment of this system. The service we offer involves the preparation of internal management reports and financial statements for the business, as well as conducting tax accounting.

Accounting is a vital and complex system in the business field. Proper management of finances, accurate reporting, and compliance with tax laws are essentially important. Therefore, accounting forms the basis for the success of a business, ensuring compliance with financial and reporting standards required by the government and ensuring the payment of relevant taxes.

Given that accounting is fundamental to the financial sector, the importance of these services increases for businesses that achieve it. Accounting services are essential for managing a company’s financial documents properly. Proper management of accounting ensures the preparation of all documents required by regulatory bodies and secures the company’s financial integrity.

We, at “Abacus Audit And Consulting” LLC, offer accounting and accountancy services. We support our clients in the preparation of audits and financial statements, conducting tax accounting, and other related matters. By ensuring accurate and proper accounting, we assist businesses in effectively managing their finances.

The accounting services offered by “Abacus Audit And Consulting” LLC include:

  • Conducting accounting, forming accounting (financial) statements;
  • Full accounting supervision of activities of individuals and legal entities;
  • Submission of monthly and annual reports to relevant supervisory authorities (Ministry of Taxes, State Social Protection Fund, Statistics Office, Employment Office);
  • Submission of zero reports;
  • Establishment or restoration of accounting (consultations on conducting accounting);
  • Inventory of the company’s fixed assets;
  • Analysis and inventory of debtor and creditor debts;
  • Tax calculation and tax planning;
  • Representation of the organization’s interests during tax audits, preparation of objections to tax audit reports;
  • Implementation and optimization of accounting policies (preparation of the company’s accounting policy and initial accounting documents);
  • Conducting personnel accounting for the organization.

Contact us and we invite you to achieve clarity and convenience in the financial field with our accounting and accountancy services.