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Audit is the independent examination of accounting and financial records in entities engaged in the production and sale of goods, provision of services, and performance of work, ensuring accurate and honest accounting and financial reporting.

Tax Accounting and Taxation

Tax is the mandatory, individual, and proportional payment transferred from the property of taxpayers to the state budget and local budgets for the financial provision of the activities of the state and municipalities.


Accounting is a necessary and complex system. Sometimes the future of the organization depends on the proper and effective establishment of this system. The work of the service we offer involves the internal management accounts and financial reports of the organization...


Abacus Audit And Consulting" Limited Liability Company offers consulting services in accounting, audit, legal, tax, and other related fields. When facing any question/problem, wasting days pondering over its solution can be avoided by...

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Abacus Audit

“Abacus Audit” company – established by professionals with rich experience in the fields of finance, auditing, law, taxation, consulting, and accounting. We are known for our professionalism, transparency, and accuracy in our services.

As Abacus Audit and Consulting, we provide our clients with the highest level of accounting, auditing, tax reporting, and consulting services. Our mission is to inform and support you in legal, tax, and management areas.

Thanks to the prompt and high-quality services we offer to our clients, “Abacus Audit” is among the largest groups of auditing-consulting companies in Azerbaijan. Our main goal is to support our clients in establishing competitive businesses.

Our accounting services enhance the efficiency of your business by assisting in document processing and all financial processes. Our audit services, on the other hand, analyze the financial and operational processes of your company to reduce risks and change theories and methods for ensuring high-quality business security.

Through our tax reporting and consulting services, we ensure compliance with Azerbaijani laws and regulations and assist in optimizing your existing financial structures. Additionally, our personnel recruitment services help employers effectively resolve legal issues related to their employees.

Working with us provides you with a strong partner to handle financial and auditing matters accurately. Collaborate with “Abacus Audit” and see how our experts can benefit you.

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