Human Resources Management

“Abacus Audit And Consulting” Limited Liability Company offers the following services in the field of human resources management and migration:

  1. Services related to human resources management:
  • Organizing personnel accounting in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Execution of mandatory insurance operations;
  • Creation of personal files for employees;
  • Official registration of sick leave, Social and Labor Leave (preparation of orders and other documents);
  • Preparation of labor books for employees;
  • Preparation of employment contracts;
  • Preparation and processing of additional agreements to employment contracts and job instructions;
  • Preparation of local normative acts: drafting of internal labor regulations, statutes on the protection of personal data, and statutes on labor protection, etc.;
  • Preparation of staff schedules and leave schedules;
  • Preparation of personal orders (hiring, transfer to another position, leave, and dismissal);
  • Official registration of employees in the E-Government portal;
  • Preparation and completion of labor books.

This service area is relevant for newly established companies or new branches and generally for companies that do not have HR management.

  1. Document template preparation service for human resources management: “Abacus Audit And Consulting” provides professional and experienced specialists to prepare and deliver any required rules and document templates for human resources management to individuals and legal entities.

  2. Outsourcing service: “Abacus Audit And Consulting” offers outsourcing services in the form of HR management with a team of professional specialists to manage business processes and save costs for individuals and legal entities.

  3. HR documentation: “Abacus Audit And Consulting” offers the service of “HR documentation audit” to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. An audit of the business entity is conducted by a team of professional specialists to identify and rectify financial and legal risks in the business. The results of the HR audit allow for the identification of shortcomings in the personnel management system of the organization and the determination of ways to promptly detect and correct them.

  4. Migration service:

  • Issuing permits for temporary residence on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to foreigners and stateless persons (extension of the term);
  • Issuing work permits to foreigners and stateless persons for engaging in paid labor activities;
  • Issuing permits for permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan to foreigners and stateless persons (extension of the term).